VDI, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Does your operating system compliance and hardware maintenance increases your operating cost?

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VDI, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Innova IT Services offers secure and cost-effective solutions for companies looking to take advantage of the benefits the new cloud and remote workforce technologies provide. The products we are offering operates VMWare and VoIP Platforms in 4 domestic datacenters to ensure its clients the most reliable, secure, compliant and cost-effective solutions. The ability to bundle all of a client computing, voice and network requirements into a single vendor offering allows Innova IT Services to offer a fully integrated solution that significantly increases reliability while reducing operational costs.
The new Unified Communications services like Conferencing, Chat, CRM Integration, Group Texting, needed to support today’s Remote Workforces are fully integrated and available. Automated Data Back-Ups and Disaster Recovery Plans to one of Innova Partner geo-diverse datacenters ensures the most critical client business continuity plans from storm and emergencies can be supported. Innova IT Services are available on an individual or bundled solution based on a clients need and are easily scalable up or down on a per user pre-determined cost to allow a CEO or CFO to manage their business more efficiently.

Products and Services

  • Public cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Virtual Desktops (VDI)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


  • Enterprise Data Centers & Colocation
  • O365
  • Virtualization
  • Data Migration
  • Backup and Recovery
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Easy Office (199.00/User)

INNOVA IT SERVICES offer a integrated the “best of breed” cloud computing and voice technologies to provide its  client with a simple, secure and cost effective per user solution for all their operational and compliance needs. Small and medium size companies can now have access to enterprise level features, functionality and security without the large capital expenditure and costly ongoing support. This service fully supports the recent market demands for Hybrid and Remote Workforces that can work from Any Where, on Any Device at Any Time securely. New Unified Communications features such as Conferencing, Chat, CRM Integration, Group Texting and eFax are fully integrated and available to the users. Automated Data Backup to geo-diverse data-centers is included which ensures any client specific Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Goals can be easily met. A Desktop Zero Client and Phone are included which gets the client out of the computer, phone and compliance business so they can focus more on their own business needs and goals. The services are scalable up or down, on a per user cost, which allows a CEO or CFO to manage costs effectively and efficiently.

Services Include Cloud Computing

  • HP Zero Client Included
  • Microsoft Office
  • MS Exchange Email
  • l00Mbps Internet Up/Down
  • Malware/ Advanced Threat Scanning
  • Enterprise Firewall & End Point Protection
  • Free Software Upgrades Cloud Storage, Back-Up & Support
  • 100GB File Service
  • Data Encryption at Rest
  • Managed Back-Ups
  • Patch Management
  • 24 X 7 System Monitoring Cloud Voice
  • Unlimited Domestic & Canadian Calling
  • Unified Communications
  • Desktop & Soft Phone Included
  • Auto Attendant/Receptionist Console
  • Call Center Functionality
  • 90 Days Recordings
  • Conference Bridge & More

Easy Voice ($19.99 to $24.95/User/Month)

We offer VoIP phone services with hardware or with softphone. The new Unified Communications (UCaaS) features such as Conferencing, Chat, Soft Phones, Cellphone Apps, CRM Integrations, and 90 Days Recordings are all included. Computer Group/One-One Texting and eFax services are fully integrated and available as add on services.

Services & Features Include in Easy Phone:

  • Supports Remote & Hybrid Workforces
  • Unlimited U.S. & Canadian Calling
  • Yealink Desk Phone
  • Auto Attendant/Receptionist Console
  • Call Center Agents/Supervisors
  • Listen/Whisper/Barge/Wall Boards
  • 90 Days Voice Recordings
  • Unified Communications Complete
  • Computer Soft Phone/Cellular Phone App
  • Chat & Video Conferencing
  • Individual Conference Bridge
  • CRM Integration/Analytic Reporting
  • and More!!!

Easy Backup & Disaster Recovery (fee of $0.25 per GByte,
DR Runtime - $0.05 per minute )

INNOVA IT SERVICES provides the ability for small and medium size businesses to better manage their data with less resources on a reduced budget. Companies are moving from tape and disks to cheaper cloud-based storage for longer term retention, faster disaster recovery times and data mining. To accomplish this they need to create immutable back-up copies in storage that are easily retrievable Cloud Compliance Solutions has fully integrated Veeam’s Backup & Replication Solution into its platforms to provide the most reliable, flexible and cost effective solution. Only Pay for What You Use – this service stores your backup data in a geo-diverse data-center for a simple fee of $0.25 per GByte until needed. When required (disaster recovery, data mining, etc.), a virtual machine (server) is quickly spun up, your data is loaded and placed on-line for secure access. When no longer required, the virtual machine/server is spun down and the client is only charged a low per minute usage ($0.09 per minute) for the actual VM machine time used.

Key Benefits

  • Compliant Hybrid / Remote Workforces
  • Work Anywhere – Any Device – Securely
  • Fully Integrated Computing / Voice Services
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Eliminates Hardware / Software Purchases
  • Built In Data Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Full HIPAA, SOC 2 & PCI Certifications
  • Improved Data & Ransomware Security
  • 24 X 7 – U.S Based Help Desk

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