When was the last time you disputed a charge on you your telecom/circuit bill?

Let our Telecom expense management team dispute and renegotiate your contract.

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Telecommunications services (phone, internet, MPLS, SDWAN….etc) interruptions problems like these tend to happen. With our TEM services we can take burden off you and provide a cost saving/streamlined way of managing your telecom expense/asset lifecycle. We automate as much as we can and provide a single dashboard access for all your telecom expenses.

Our goal is making your telecom expense management (TEM) and lifecycle management easier and less stressful for you. We regularly audit your bills for excess or billing errors and request for credits. We track your orders and manage your inventory and provide you a simplified view via Cloud View Dashboard for your business.

The Cloud View Dashboard is not limited to Telecom it could be for any expense. The dashboard also gives single view of telecom orders, invoices, inventory, and any expenses. This will save time and money allows you to focus on your business while we do the white glove services in the back end.

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1. Cloud View Dashboard
2. Audits,Orders/Assets tracking
3. Manage the next steps

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